Thomas Parker

Thomas Parker

Former Undergraduate

B.S. Biological Science with, concentration in Marine Biology 2014

Zonation Patterns and Effects of Tidal Elevation on Recruitment, Survival, and Growth of the Olympia and Japanese Oysters

Thomas uncovered a zonation pattern among oysters in southern California where native Olympia oysters reached their maximum density at lower tidal elevations compared to Japanese oysters. He went on to collaborate with another undergraduate, Rick Torres, to explore the effects of tidal height on recruitment, survival, and growth in both the native Olympia oyster, Ostrea lurida, and the non-native Japanese oyster, Crassostrea gigas. This study is ongoing in San Diego Bay.

While at CSU Fullerton, Thomas presented the results of his research at the Benthic Ecology Meeting in 2014 and at the Western Society of Naturalists Meeting in 2014, where he won the Best Undergraduate Student Poster Award.

Thomas is currently working for California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Scientific Aid for the California Recreational Fisheries Survey. He is drafting a manuscript with Dr. Zacherl and former undergraduate Nicole Tronske, and is applying for admission into Ph.D. programs for Fall 2016.