Cristina Fuentes

Cristina Fuentes

Former Undergraduate

B.S. Biological Science 2015 with concentration in Marine Biology

Cristina focused on the effects of a restored oyster bed on densities of native, Ostrea lurida, and non-native, Crassostrea gigas, oysters.  To restore Ostrea lurida’s natural habitat we constructed an oyster bed, on an intertidal mudflat, using dead oyster shell at Jack Dunster Marine Reserve in Alamitos Bay, CA in June 2012. Since augmentation, in June 2014, adult native oyster densities increased dramatically (342.86 -546.29 adults/m2. Adult non-native oysters also recruited but in very small quantities (13.71 -16 adults/m2). Despite challenges faced during the project, restoration in Alamitos Bay is headed in the right direction.

While at CSU Fullerton, Cristina presented the results of her research as a poster presentation at Western Society of Naturalists in 2014 and at the National Shellfisheries Association meeting in 2015. She presented a talk in 2015 at the Western Society of Malacologists Annual Meeting and received the Best Student Talk award.

Cristina is currently working for California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Scientific Aid for the California Recreational Fisheries Survey. With the results from her undergraduate research, she will be drafting a manuscript with Dr. Zacherl and will co-author a manuscript with collaborators from CSULB.